Lucas Elettri – Insolente Vini – Veneto

Lucas Elettri – Insolente Vini – Veneto

“Insolente” in Italian has a meaning somewhat in between insolent, fearless and spontaneous and it describes so well Luca ’s wines!

Luca’s family initially cultivated grape to sell it to the to the cooperative near Monforte d’Alpone in the Soave region.  Luca started making his own super natural wine in 2016 using with elder vineyards.

Main varieties are the traditional Garganega, Pinot Grigio, Durella, Corvina, Rondinella and Merlot.  Each insolent wine comes from a single vineyard whose grapes are vinified with spontaneous fermentation of the entire mass without any addition or filtration.  Each cuvee is identified on the label by an acronym that corresponds to the initials of the name and surname of a member of the family, followed by a sequential number that indicates how many wines have been made from that vineyard up to that moment.

Luca’s wines are convivial and full of energy and solar dynamism.

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